EVAWorld Metaverse

EVAWorld Metaverse

EVAWorld Metaverse

Welcome to an immersive world of captivating conferences, unforgettable events and engaging activities. EVAWorld is the evolution of networking, offering an entirely new way to meet your next investor, co-founder or customer.

EVAWorld Metaverse

Why EVAWorld

EVAWorld transcends the many limitations to both in person and digital networks, catalyzing change and fostering frictionless community building and involvement.

NFT Galleries and Auction House in EVAWorld

Enter EVAWorld’s virtual galleries and trade shows showcasing NFTs. Enjoy our Live-in-Avatar and Silent NFT Auctions! There’s so much to experience in EVAWorld.

EVAWorld NFT Collection

Get your EVAWorld NFT and your Virtual Office for Free (for the year)



Your Voice Matters in EVAWorld!

EVAWorld Solution

What if we could build a world that fosters innovation, collaboration, education, and investment to advance humanity's greatest challenges? What if that world was a fun place to be?

EVA Token Summary

EVA Distribution Plan

❖ Private Sale – 20%
❖ Public Sale – 45%
❖ Team - 10%
❖ Liquidity (Pancake/Sushi Swap) 10%
❖ Advisors/Partners – 7%
❖ Protocol Development – 5%
❖ Charity 3%


Who is the clientele for EVAWorld metaverse? Add the members of these groups ….

EVAWorld Metaverse

Global Foundations and their members

EVAWorld Metaverse

Global, regional and national Think Tanks

EVAWorld Metaverse

Non profit philanthropy orgs, NGO’s

EVAWorld Metaverse


EVAWorld Metaverse

Digital and Crypto and NFT Communities

EVAWorld Metaverse

Entrepreneurs,innovators, dreamers and doers

EVAWorld Metaverse

Health care tech and administration

EVAWorld Metaverse

City and state planning and administration

EVAWorld Metaverse

Social Entrepreneurs solving global challenges

EVAWorld Metaverse

Investors, Family Offices, Angels & VCs

Metaverse Event Management as a Service

Are you a conference organizer, conference manager or convention center host? Are you in danger of losing business during the pandemic?

We are pleased to offer EVAWorld to you as your host immersive environment for virtual conferences! It is the next best thing to meeting in person, with lower costs, no travel cost, and dedicated professionals to ensure a smooth conference. You will have an auditorium, Expo Hall, meeting rooms, and fun activities for post-conference networking (speed boats, soccer, music and dance). Oh, and fireworks too!

If you would like a tour of EVAWorld to see if it is a right fit for your conference, please enter your details here:

EVAWorld Team Members

EVAWorld Metaverse

Joy Case

CEO, Founder

Karim Allibhai


Alice Zhou

Community Development Manager

EVAWorld Metaverse

Christina Madai

Managing Partner at LavaTrust

EVAWorld Metaverse

Jessica Koch


Inquire about Investment Opportunities with EVAWorld
Contact: Admin@EVAWorld.io

EVAWorld Partners

EVAWorld Metaverse
EVAWorld Metaverse
EVAWorld Metaverse


"EvaWorld impressed me incredibly, from the very first tour that I had with Joy. Since then, my organization has set up offices, added files and images, set up web boards, and we are now going to be holding our conferences in Eva World! The potential of this software is huge, a virtual environment, that can encompass all your conferencing needs in one, place. While at the same time, making it fun and inspiring, EvaWorld is next level conferencing!"
Dayna F.
"Evaworld is an engaging and immersive platform. At first, the novelty and the interactions between other participants it's very stimulating and fun. But after you used it a few times, the novelty gives way and the functionality emerges as its primary benefit. The interactions as an avatar become comfortable, and more productive. I find that I am more attentive in the meetings and conversations than on a video call. The conferencing functionality is the next best thing.
Tom H.

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