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Intro to EVAWorld

The Dilemma of Working from Home

After 2020, life will never be the same. Stay-at-home orders and lockdowns forced millions of people to come up with new ways to live and work. More people than ever discovered the advantages of working from home. And now, they don’t want to go back to work. But they also don’t want to stay home. They miss the conversations over the water cooler, and the formal and informal collaborations with coworkers. They enjoy the benefits of working from home, but they also want their workplace communities back. These two desires may seem mutually exclusive. But they aren’t. There is a path forward. And once we’ve begun down it, nothing will be the same.

The Metaverse: A Spark of Hope

The world is changing. Virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and other cutting-edge technologies are blurring the lines between digital and analog experiences. Retailers are offering their customers the ability to test their products out virtually, including seeing how furniture will look in their homes and even trying on clothes. Schools and universities have implemented VR-infused lessons that transport students around the world and back in time. And futurists are predicting that the next decade will bring an even greater revolution in the way we socialize, work, play, and live. Right now, it’s a future that most of us can’t fathom. After all, we’ve just spent a year on video conferencing software. If that has taught us anything, it’s that we want more real-world interaction, not less. But there’s a huge difference between using a video chatroom and inhabiting a virtual world. At the center of this brave new world is a concept that’s far more than a buzzword. It’s the culmination of dozens of technological advances that have been developed over the past few decades. And it’s called the metaverse. The metaverse is a fusion of the real and virtual worlds. It offers a way for people to interact with others and build deep community via a fully virtual interface. The internet has been providing a taste of this for decades. But unlike the internet, the metaverse will be completely immersive, thanks to extended reality (XR) technologies like VR and AR.

Your Destination for Online Entertainment ~ EVAWorld’s Future Vision

While EVAWorld opens up an infinite number of possibilities for collaborating on important business and projects helping to solve global challenges, it’s also positioned to be the premiere place for online entertainment. When you’re finished with a long day at work, EVAWorld gives you everything you need to unwind, whether you want to spend time with others or alone.

Dozens of betting and e-sports organizations are looking for ways to make their experiences more immersive and exciting. The Metaverse is the answer. With EVAWorld and the latest VR and AR technology, you’ll be able to watch any sport imaginable and make bets in real-time. And between games, you can chat with others in a virtual lounge or play a game of soccer or jump on a speedboat. There will even be games that you can jump into and play yourself, from standards like chess to the latest first-person shooters. And when the games are finally over, users can visit our online shops, each selling NFTs in every niche that can be used in a variety of fun and exciting ways.

But this is only the beginning. EVA has invited some of the world’s leading television and film producers to explore our Metaverse. Eventually, we’d like to give people around the world the opportunity to see how their favourite movies are made firsthand.

Whether you’re looking for a place to work or play, EVAWorld provides the ultimate destination.

Fusing the Real & Virtual Worlds

Until recently, immersive online communities could only be found via video game platforms like Minecraft and Roblox. But that’s about to change. The metaverse is on the verge of utterly transforming the way we play and work. There is a movement growing that will give you the power to move between the real and virtual worlds as easily as you get out of bed.

And EVAWorld stands at the vanguard of that movement.

Imagine seamlessly moving from your breakfast table to a digital office within seconds. Your online avatar and cubicle can be customized in a near infinite number of ways. You’ll be able to design a persona that captures your personality and look perfectly. You can decorate your space with NFT artwork. Or fill it with your favorite music. You can even invite coworkers over to collaborate.

When it’s time to clock out, you can head back into the real world and grab dinner with friends. Or you can meet those same friends in the metaverse and go to a digital concert. Or head to an online conference. Or do any number of other things.

The possibilities are endless.

And EVAWorld intends to make those endless possibilities available to the world – and to you.

What is EVAWorld?

EVAWorld exists to make remote-first a reality.

We believe that people will be empowered to collaborate, solve problems, and accomplish more when they’re unhindered by physical and geographical limitations.

Since employees won’t have to commute to work, they’ll save valuable time and money. They’ll be able to spend more time doing the things they love with the people they care about. This remote-first approach to work will give them the space they need to breathe and enjoy life, making them more productive when they show up to the digital office.

Unlike previous online venues, EVAWorld’s metaverse will provide a digital space where people can drop in and out on a moment’s notice. This always-on nature of the metaverse will make it possible to experience chance encounters and conversations just like in the real world. And that can lead to some surprising solutions.

Since it’s global, businesses and organizations won’t have to settle for hiring employees who are geographically nearby or willing to uproot their lives. They’ll be able to draw from an exponentially larger and more diverse talent pool.

But EVAWorld’s metaverse isn’t just about providing digital office space. It’s a movement that will enable the world’s top entrepreneurs and investors to gather, brainstorm, and develop solutions to real-world problems. That’s why we’ve configured EVAWorld around ESG factors. And it’s the reason we’re dedicated to providing a space where skilled innovators can brainstorm ideas for meeting the 2030 UN Sustainable Goals.

The Technology Behind EVAWorld

The minds behind EVAWorld are taking advantage of the latest advances in extended reality, blockchain, and more. While you may think of blockchain technology purely in terms of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, there’s so much more potential behind it.

Kayvon Tehranian, the CEO of Foundation, an NFT marketplace, believes that the key to the whole metaverse is blockchain technology. Since the blockchain is built to offer maximum transparency, decentralization, and connectivity, it’s the perfect choice for creating a global metaverse. It offers a way to further digitize the world economy, decoupling it from authoritarian and oppressive regimes. And it allows an organization like EVAWorld to offer the world a better way to connect, work, and innovate.


In addition, we are partnering with a few of the world’s finest champions of Augmented Reality and Holographic Technology to give our Metaverse users a mixed reality binary experience.

Creating Space for Innovation

While in-person events and experiences will never fully go away, the future will combine the digital with the real. This is especially true when it comes to industry, government, educational institutions, and non-profits. EVAWorld plans on offering these organizations everything they need to maximize their effectiveness and efficiency. One of the ways that EVAWorld is doing this is through the creation of digital conferences and events. These online venues will offer all the benefits of live events without forcing participants to travel. The digital space can be fully designed and decorated with unique branding, accessories, and more. In addition, videos, slides, music, and other familiar presentation tools can be incorporated into these events. Thought leaders can take the stage and share with thousands of members simultaneously. And stages even support multiple avatars to make live conversations and Q&As a snap.

But EVAWorld’s metaverse doesn’t stop there. After plenary sessions, event coordinators can provide participants with digital breakout sessions. People can gather in smaller groups, discuss the information shared during the larger talks, and collaborate in a more intimate way.

These kinds of digital events will make it possible for thought leaders and entrepreneurs to gather and collaborate in unprecedented ways. And that kind of collaboration is exactly what’s needed to solve the world’s most pressing problems.

Organizations may choose to provide all-digital events or create a hybrid event that incorporates activities in the real and virtual worlds at the same time. As time goes on, there will be an ever-greater expectation for this kind of fusion between the digital and the analog.

All of these features make EVAWorld’s metaverse the perfect option for tradeshows, business conferences, and more. But that’s only the tip of the iceberg. We also believe that the metaverse has the potential for transforming the way we educate and are educated.

EVAWorld Metaverse: A World of Possibilities

EVAWorld Metaverse

Immersive Storytelling

Humans have been telling stories since the dawn of time. They’ve been used to entertain, to teach, to inspire, and to persuade. Stories don’t just communicate a narrative. They convey a way of looking at and understanding the world. And now, with XR technology, it’s possible to go beyond just telling stories.

Augmented Reality, holograms, and other recent technological advances have made it possible to invite people into our stories like never before. We can offer immersive storytelling experiences that will multiply the power of story and create new ways to motivate and inspire.

With EVAWorld’s Metaverse, you’ll be able to invite key stakeholders into a world of your making. There, they can experience important stories from a first-person perspective. Let them see the difference your products and services will make to those who need them most. Pull back the curtain on how climate change is already impacting communities around the world. Reveal the repercussions of racism in a memorable, impactful way that won’t just leave them moved, but will instead motivate them to action.

The future of storytelling is XR. And with EVAWorld, you can begin telling immersive stories in unprecedented ways.

Compelling Advertising

Advertising isn’t just about convincing people to buy a product or service. It’s a way for businesses to connect with consumers and build relationships. It’s about creating win-win opportunities. And when it’s done well and ethically, everyone benefits.

AR and holographic technology have made it possible to advertise in truly unique and compelling ways. With these recent technological advances, businesses can connect with customers in near-limitless number of ways. As digital events become more popular, companies will be able to advertise at these online venues just like they do with real-world ones. In addition, AR makes it possible for consumers to try out products virtually before they spend any money. And everyone knows that there’s no better advertisement than trying something out for yourself – whether in the digital or real world

EVAWorld Metaverse

But that only scratches the surface. EVAWorld’s Metaverse makes it possible for companies to inhabit a digital world where they can learn more about a company and sees its impact firsthand. Companies will be able to connect with consumers in more meaningful ways, offering completely immersive experiences rather than simple advertisements. Advertising is on the verge of being revolutionized by AR and other XR technology. Will you join EVAWorld on the cutting edge of this revolution? Or will you be left struggling in its wake?

Cameo Experiences

“Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi. You’re my only hope.”

It’s a line from one of the most iconic scenes from any movie ever made, Star Wars. Young Luke Skywalker inadvertently reveals a holographic message from a mysterious, hooded woman. This is a scene that generations of movie-goers have watched and dreamed of experiencing for themselves.

Up until very recently, that’s all this has been: a dream. But now, with AR technology, it’s possible to offer genuine holographic experiences to your audience. You can create an ARenabled hologram to make announcements, provide virtual training, conduct demos, and more. You can allow users to bring celebrities, cartoon characters, and more, directly into their homes. Then, they can watch as these digital avatars interact with the real-world around them.

EVAWorld Metaverse

These cameo experiences are more than a novelty. They’re an effective and memorable way for you to connect with your audience and stakeholders. And they have the potential to change the way we communicate and educate forever

Connecting Entrepreneurs & Investors

EVAWorld’s Metaverse is the perfect platform for connecting entrepreneurs who have fresh ideas with the investors they need to make those ideas a reality.

We’re designing a unique virtual experience that will build on the concepts originally laid down in programs like Dragons’ Den and Shark Tank. By integrating the latest XR tech and our advanced metaverse into the process, we’ll make it possible for more entrepreneurs, investors, and other interested parties to get involved with the process.

Entrepreneurs can use AR to offer product demonstrations and tests before any money is spent on expensive prototypes. And our platform has a built-in pool of pre-qualified investors who are on the lookout for the next big thing.

In addition, we have a unique Artificial Intelligence integration for “matchmaking” and for collating crowdsourced feedback for the entrepreneurs to enhance their presentations, experience and to hone their pitch and skills so they have the best chance for success.

We hope to make EVAWorld’s Metaverse a seedbed for future innovations and business ideas. Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or an interested investor, now is the time to get involved.

A Digital Campus for Solving Global Challenges

EVAWorld Metaverse

EVAWorld is positioning itself to be the place for innovators, thought leaders, and entrepreneurs to collaborate on solutions for the world’s biggest problems. We’re providing the perfect online space for passionate, forward-thinking people to begin working on issues like climate change, gender equality, and more. This is the reason that we’ve designed it with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals in mind. We don’t want to simply provide a place for people to connect. EVAWorld will be a digital laboratory where important solutions are found and developed.

You can learn more about our digital campus by watching the video below:

Developing Smart Cities

EVAWorld Metaverse

With EVAWorld, it will be possible for local governments and agencies to develop digital twins for their cities. And these aren’t just online knock-offs that make for a cool novelty. They use drones, satellite data, machine learning, and more to create a complete and accurate online replica that can be used to implement other smart city technology. They can be used in civil engineering, traffic management, monitoring the environment, and simulating and training automated driving systems.

Over the next decade, smart cities will become the standard for communities around the world. EVAWorld empowers local governments and agencies to begin making that move today. And since EVAWorld is accessible and easy-to-use, it’s the perfect way for small and large cities alike to start the transition.

Online Office Space

We’re destined for a hybrid reality that fuses the natural world with the digital one. This is true when it comes to entertainment, communication, and work. EVA exists to begin this transition today.

In the future, more work will be done in online spaces than ever before. Entire offices will move onto platforms like EVAWorld where workers can collaborate with each other regardless of their physical location. In addition, they’ll keep online office hours that work the same way as traditional ones. Customers, fellow team members, and other stakeholders will be able to enter an online office or business easier than making a phone call. This is the world that we’re headed towards.

EVAWorld Metaverse

EVAWorld will empower businesses, organizations, agencies, and individuals to create online offices where they can get work done, collaborate, and more. These spaces can be designed and decorated in any way that the user chooses. And online office hours can be implemented just as easily. To put it simply, work will never be the same with EVAWorld’s Metaverse.

Right People, Right Time, Right Place

EVAWorld Metaverse

EVAWorld brings together all the necessary ingredients for global transformation.

We’ve invited the right people: entrepreneurs, innovators, thought-leaders, and more.

We’re creating it at the right time: right when the world faces a host of problems that need immediate action. It’s a time when technology is making the impossible possible.

And we’re providing the right place: a digital campus where collaboration and innovation are prized above all else. Online spaces like EVAWorld allow people from around the world to work together to solve big problems without uprooting their lives.

It makes for the perfect recipe for a better world.

And you can be a part of it.

The Coming NFT Revolution

You don’t have to live on the frontiers of the internet to know that there’s a revolution afoot. NFTs are everywhere, from Coca-Cola to the NBA. And yet, a lot of people are still unsure of what NFTs exactly are and why they matter. It’s not unusual to hear someone say, “But it’s just a JPEG. Why should I buy something that I can get for free from a Google search?” NFTs have the potential to utterly transform the way we think about self-expression, ownership, investing, and more. Once the NFT revolution is complete, the internet – and the world – will never be the same again. This revolution isn’t just for hardcore investors or tech-obsessed geeks. It’s for everyone, including influencers in every niche.

So, What Are NFTs Anyway?

NFT stands for non-fungible token. Unfortunately, unless you’re well-versed in blockchain technology, that probably doesn’t mean anything to you. And you don’t really need to understand the specifics of the tech behind NFTs to benefit from them anyway. Basically, an NFT is a unique, collectable digital asset.

Think about it this way… An artist creates a painting. When they’re finished, there is only one painting exactly like it in the world. Someone could scan it and create copies, but everyone would rightly understand that those are copies rather than the genuine article. Only one person could own the original painting. NFTs work the same way. When someone buys an NFT, whether a picture, a video, an audio file, or any other kind of digital file, they own the original. Someone could make a copy of it, but it would be just that – a copy. Only one person could own the original NFT. This is what makes NFTs scare, and thus valuable

But Just How Valuable Are NFTs?

To get an idea of how valuable NFTs can be, consider the fact that OpenSea, one of the leading NFT marketplaces in the world, oversaw $6.5 billion in JPEG sales between January and September of 2021. Or take a look at Logan Paul’s single-day haul from NFTs he minted: $3,540,456. To put it simply, the market for NFTs is huge. And we’re only at the beginning.

Influencers, content creators, and collectors who get involved today will reap the benefits tomorrow. With all of those numbers in mind, you may be wondering, “But why? Why are people willing to spend outrageous sums of money on digital products?” Part of the answer to that involves our increasing movement from physical to digital spaces. In the future, we’ll move seamlessly between real and virtual spaces, thanks to technology like AR and VR. And the metaverse will make it possible to use digital products for self-expression more easily. Twitter has already begun moving in this direction by allowing NFT owners to use their NFTs as their Twitter profile picture, including an icon that lets everyone know that it’s genuine.

How Can Influencers Benefit from NFTs?

NFTs present countless opportunities to influencers in nearly every niche. At the most basic level, they empower influencers to express themselves in fun, creative ways. But they also make it possible to expand their platform and increase their income. Influencers & Brands Can Collaborate Dozens of major brands have already seen the incredible potential of NFTs. That’s why CocaCola, Taco Bell, and Gucci have all jumped in headfirst. The marketing executives have read the research that shows NFT interest at an all-time high among those 40 and younger. Recent surveys have revealed that 27% of Millennials are already investing in NFTs. Since brands are always looking for influencers who can promote their products to younger generations, the rise of NFTs means a tidal wave of collaborations is on the horizon. And if you’re an influencer, you can have a part in it.

More and more brands will be looking for influencers who can create exclusive content centered around their NFTs. For example, a brand may give an influencer behind-the-scenes access to their NFT plans so they can promote them on their platforms. Or influencers might partner with certain brands to create content that’s only accessible by NFT owners. Brands could even create NFTs with influencers and then tie access to them to participation in a club or program. The possibilities are endless for collaborations between brands and influencers.

Influencers Can Create Their Own NFTs

But this isn’t the only way influencers can benefit from NFTs. The more exciting – and profitable – venture is the possibility of minting their own NFTs. As we’ve already noted, Logan Paul raked in over $3 million in a single day from NFTs that he had created. And while that’s an extreme case, there is a massive potential for big and small influencers to earn money with NFTs.

The simplest way for this to happen is by influencers creating content and then selling it as an NFT. So, an artist might create digital art and sell the original as an NFT. The owner would then be able to display it via social media, etc. A musician could take the same approach with special tracks and demos. But this only scratches the surface.

Imagine what would happen if an influencer tied other rewards to an NFT. So, when someone buys their NFT, they also get access to a private discord group, or early access to their next album, or VIP tickets to their next event. By looking at NFTs this way, it becomes obvious that they have the potential to become far more than “just a JPEG” you could find on Google.

The Revolution Will Be Turned Into An NFT

NFTs aren’t just another fad or a bubble waiting to burst. Sure, there’s plenty of hype surrounding them. But that hype is there for good reason. NFTs really are changing the way we express ourselves, engage with brands, and invest. And they are here to stay. If you’re an influencer who’s been on the fence about NFTs, now is the time to hop off. There’s never been a better time to begin experimenting with them. Look for opportunities to partner with brands you already know and engage with. Consider the possibility of minting your own NFTs. Or create extra special perks that you can tie to unique NFTs and make them available for your biggest fans. But whatever you do, don’t wait. The revolution is already here. Now is the time to get started.

The Future of Intellectual Property

Intellectual property has never been more important. Advances in automation technology, AI, and robotics have eliminated many traditional jobs, forcing people to look for new, creative ways to make a living. Meanwhile, the internet has made it easier than ever to offer products and services directly to consumers without huge overhead costs. The old gatekeepers have collapsed. Today, businesses, coaches, authors, and artists can connect with their target market instantly via a website or social media platform.

This is why the intellectual property (or IP for short) industry has exploded over the past few decades.

Recent statistics reveal that America’s IP industry is worth over $6.5 trillion. That’s more than the nominal GDP of any other country on earth. And speaking of other countries, intellectual property accounts for 52% of all US merchandise exports. In other words, intellectual property is the future. But there are vistas in the IP industry that lie practically unexplored. That’s where EVAWorld comes in. EVAWorld is on a mission to revolutionize the intellectual property industry by creating a platform where content creators, artists, influencers, businesses, and brands can come together and easily mint helpful and profitable NFTs.

While NFTs (or non-fungible tokens) are already trending in major ways, they’re still in their infancy. And yet, OpenSea, one of the world’s largest NFT marketplaces, recently announced that they have facilitated the sale of over $6 billion in NFTs from January through September of 2021. Imagine what that number will look like when NFTs fully hit the mainstream.

EVAWorld intends to open the world of NFTs up to anyone who wants to join. Our platform will simplify the process of collaborating with others, developing NFT ideas, minting those NFTs, and selling them to interested parties. But we don’t just want to be a place where people can buy and sell JPEGs. Our vision is much loftier than that Imagine what could happen if entrepreneurs and businesses in every industry got together and began developing products, services, and processes intended to make the world a better place. Together, they could create IP that includes everything from images and videos to blueprints. The sky is the limit when it comes to the creation of these NFTs. It’s even possible to create digital twins, digital copies of physical products that mirror their real-world counterparts thanks to onboard sensors.

Once the IP has been developed, the creators could mint that piece of IP as an NFT that could be sold with split royalties attached. This would allow everyone involved in the creation of the NFT to profit from it in perpetuity, no matter how many times it’s bought or sold in the future. In addition, IP could be distributed as open source, making it available to those who need it while ensuring the original creators are protected.

Can you imagine what could happen if inventors and entrepreneurs were finally unleashed to collaborate without worrying about future ownership? What sorts of life-changing inventions and processes might be birthed through this initiative? We at EVAWorld believe it has the potential to change everything.

Bill Gates, The Metaverse & The Future of Office Work

While COVID-19 presented business leaders and entrepreneurs with plenty of challenges, finding ways for their employees to collaborate while socially distanced stood at the top of the list. Zoom, Slack, and other online messaging and video chat platforms became the default for most businesses. And as it became clear that workers could put their heads together and get things done without being physically present in the same office, some wondered if this could be a new normal.

Bill Gates has a few thoughts on that.

Over the years, Bill Gates has worn many hats, from Microsoft CEO to founder of the philanthropic Bill & Melinda Gates foundation. But at his heart, Bill Gates is a visionary. That’s what has made him such a successful leader over the past forty years. He saw the future before it arrived and worked to make it a reality. This doesn’t make him infallible. But it does mean that he’s a voice worth hearing and considering.

So, what does Bill Gates think about the future of office work? He revealed his thoughts via his annual Year in Review blogpost late last year, noting that “the pandemic has revolutionized how companies think about productivity and presence in the workplace.”

But Gates doesn’t believe that Zoom’s current format is the way of the future. He writes, “Within the next two or three years, I predict most virtual meetings will move from 2D camera image grids—which I call the Hollywood Squares model, although I know that probably dates me—to the metaverse, a 3D space with digital avatars. Both Facebook and Microsoft recently unveiled their visions for this, which gave most people their first view of what it will look like.”

But Facebook and Microsoft aren’t the only companies who see potential in digital office space. A variety of businesses are moving into the Metaverse, including Pricewaterhouse Coopers, Prager Metis International LLC, and eXp Realty. And Metaverse platforms like Decentraland are being established and expanding, vying to be the destination for online office work.

EVAWorld, a Metaverse-centered startup, has positioned itself as a leader among these options. Rather than focusing on the social and entertainment space with offices as a tangential emphasis, EVAworld has been designed from the ground up to help businesses get work done. Founded and developed by a team who have prioritized productivity and doing good, EVAWorld offers entrepreneurs, investors, and business leaders in every industry a place to work and connect. It’s the kind of place that embodies what Gates wrote in his recent blog post.

“This is the biggest thing you lose when you’re not in the office. Let’s say you used to work in an open space with six other people. You could look up at any time and see what they were up to. You could tell whether they felt like talking, giving you advice, or just taking a break to chat about non-work stuff. That kind of spontaneous interaction stopped when many of us began working from home.”

These unplanned connections won’t just be possible in EVAWorld. They’ll be an everyday occurrence.

Endless Possibilities

EVAWorld Metaverse

One of the most exciting things about the EVAWorld Metaverse is that we can’t yet fully define its capabilities.

EVAWorld’s Metaverse is more than a simple platform like Facebook or Second Life. It’s a fully realized digital world that offers its users the tools they need to build, connect, and explore in a myriad of ways.

It’s a world of endless possibilities. And we’re only beginning to see how those possibilities could make a difference in our world.